Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here we go

RealTimeTrender.com is developing numerical and graphical trending tools. Our initial effort is to provide a graphical display of real time trend data from Twitter.

Data for December, 2008
Data for January, 2009
Data for February, 2009
Data for March, 2009
Data for April, 2009

You should see the Twitter Top 20 trends displayed. At the bottom of each display you should see a box labeled "Uncheck All." Click on this box then display one or more trends by clicking on the check boxes in the table above.

This is a "Work in Progress." You are seeing the first public presentation of this display system. It may or may not work for you now. Stay tuned though and offer us your suggestions as to how to improve the site and what information you would like to see.

The software involved is Python/Django on the server side and JQuery/Flot for the client. All development is done under Linux using Firefox.

We have not done testing for Internet Explorer yet so all bets are of for IE. We would appreciate hearing from IE users: please send us screenshots and other reports.

Please send me your feedback,


Contact: realtimetrender at gmail.com

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